Caving to pressure

I am finially giving in to the peer pressure of my family (Megan). I don’t know how long this will last. But here is my family blog. I have a moment to write something since my kids are parked in front of the TV (a place they spend a lot time lately).

Only 30 more days until this baby is due. 8 until he can safely come at any time. I am counting the days until I can start running again. That is the thing I have missed the most since being pregnant. The sooner he comes, the sooner I can hit the pavement.

Courtney Pregnant with Spencer

Lucy didn’t take a nap today so hopefully she’ll go to bed at a decent hour. The plan tonight is to put the kiddos to bed at 7 and then Matt and I will watch the many hours of “Lost” that we have saved on our DVR while he paints the trim in our room and while I sort through all of my old baby girl clothes to find anything that can be used for a boy.

Courtney Pregnant with Spencer


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