Holiday Fun

Well, after two warm and sunny days of play and then a warm and sunny Sunday, we are greeted this morning by nothing other than “Seattle Drizzle” which is defined as slightly more substantial than a mist, but not quite a sprinkle. It gets everything wet, and lasts ALL DAY LONG! So we will be spending this Memorial Day, painting our upstairs. Namely, Spencer’s room, the little bathroom, the hall and as much trim as we can handle. I’m nesting and want everything to be perfect and I want everything hard to be done before he’s born so that I don’t have to do anything at all afterwards.


Matt is in the basement sanding on the dresser that needs to be done this week (the midwives need a nice flat surface in our room to put all of their gear on during the birth). This dresser was his mom’s when she was young. He’s sanding and refinishing it for our room. I can’t wait. It’s going to be beautiful. Then he is going to build my garden boxes so that I can plant my garden this week. Project #3 is a cradle for the baby. Poor man isn’t going to get any rest. I’m going to work him to death before this pregnancy is over.



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