Emma loves animals. She is scarcely seen without an animal toy in each hand and will eagerly tell you what sounds they make if you ask.



She just came over to me and pointed to the cupboard and asked for a “gunk”. It took a minute to figure out what she was saying, but I finally got it. She wanted a squirrel toy that I had taken away from her earlier and she was calling it a skunk. I gave it to her and I received a delighted smile in return.

She also likes to walk around on her toes. That child has calves of steel.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Megan B says:

    How often does she walk on her toes?


  2. Maine Mom says:

    Her love of animals explains her cute obsession with the dancing cat at our house…and possibly the cat’s ability to dance on her toes??? :-)


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