Making good on my threat

Well, I’ve been threatening it for years and today I finally did it. I have started a garden. I borrowed “Square Foot Gardening” from my sister Heather and had Matt make me garden boxes to put on the deck. We figured out how to keep Katie off the deck, so my garden won’t become a litter box. Matt mixed up the soil last night and Lucy helped me plant the seeds this morning. She had a lot of fun poking holes in the soil and getting dirty. I’m so excited. I’ll plant another round of the good stuff (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.) in a couple weeks so that I can stagger the harvest. One box is entirely devoted to herbs. No more basil and parsley going bad in my fridge. I’ll just pull off what I need and leave the rest :)




We also had a pleasant surprise last night. The strawberries I planted a month or so ago are starting to sprout their first little strawberries. It will be a meager harvest of strawberries, but that’s ok. They are supposed to get much bigger every year. Lucy thought the baby strawberries were very cute and wanted to eat one right away. But they are still green and wouldn’t be any good. Pretty exciting!


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  1. Megan B says:

    I must learn back-porch planting. That was actually a goal of mine this year. One of the several that were completely derailed by the Great Corneal Drama of 2007. Next year maybe :) Then I’ll definitely need some advice, so study up!! And figure out what I need to do to grow things here in this desert!!


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