Big Day

We spent the day in Bangor yesterday. We had our first trip to Olive Garden as a family of five. It was a wonderful success. Spencer travels very well thus far. We also tried to get the kid’s picture taken. We got a few great ones of the three of them, a couple good ones of Spencer and some good ones of Spencer and Matt. My very round face was absent and shall remain so until said face is not quite so round.

I figured that since I was able to spend the day in Bangor I was probably up to going to church. The newest and cutest member of our branch was welcomed with excitement and apparently “really looks like Emma”. The girls went home with Aimee again this week. They sure love her.

PS. Spencer’s cord fell off and he has and outie!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am glad the outing went well.I used to wait tables at that Olive Garden while I was in college in Orono. We spent the weekend camping in Searsport. I did not realize how far north all that was. It was my first time back into that area in about 10 years. I forgot how far north it was!!Take careRose


  2. Megan B says:

    An outtie, huh!!! How sweet! Both of my kids have outties, but not really big ones. I THINK it has to do with how they pull the cord at birth, but I’m not sure. They did both have the same OB… I want to know how innies and outties are made. He really DOES look like Emma! Speaking of fat…I don’t suppose you noticed that picture of Kinley and Justin was suspiciously trimmed….


  3. Megan B says:

    No no no….I trimmed the fat member of the family OUT of the picture. :)


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