Spencie, Eggs and My New ‘Do

Matt fixed my hair cut last night. It’s much better now. Much less teenie bopper and much more sophisticated. I downloaded some great technique ideas from http://www.hairfinder.com. This girl can answer any question you could think of about hair.


I get my eggs from a lady at church who raises her own chickens… aren’t they beautiful? Those green eggs are naturally that color, neat huh!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Megan B says:

    I do not like them, Sam I am….


  2. Megan B says:

    But I DO like your hair :)


  3. Dad_Ahroon says:

    Do you realize that your son’s dimple is on the wrong side?


  4. Heather B says:

    AWESOME! Those are SO MUCH better for your family! We get those too, and we can NEVER go back. The others just taste (and look) SO anemic once you use these. (I don’t think I can spell anemic :) Congrats on finding a source, it’s not that easy to find one.


  5. Maine Mom says:

    I love your new hairdo! You look great. :-)


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