I had an epiphany last week and it was put to the test this weekend. If I can keep the all of laundry and all of the dishes clean and put away, everything else in my home falls into place. I never have to worry about trying to clean anything else, it just gets done. Laundry and dishes join forces against me and have become my nemesis. But I have won the battle and I must never let them get the best of me again. If I do, then everything else in my home falls apart. If laundry and dishes are defeated, then my house is a house of order. It is as if they are the generals of the mess army and they tell the rest of the mess what to do. When they are conquered, the little mess soldiers scatter and run.

All last week, those greatest of enemies were vanquished. And since wasn’t cowering in the corner fearing for my life, other things in my home were attended to, book shelves and the tops of other furniture were cleared and dusted, the toys were always put away, windows were able to be cleaned and the toilets sparkled. All without resentment or anger on my part. Then the weekend came and I let my guard down. You know the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Well, I wasn’t watching them as closely as I should have. They started growing up the walls like ivy.

Now I wouldn’t necessarily call myself neurotic (although my husband may disagree), but as the rest of the house followed the direction of their generals, my sanity started to dwindle. I like a clean house, it doesn’t have to be spotless but I like to not have to worry about people dropping by unannounced (since that happens so often after all ;) Well I was a nut case this weekend and try as I might, I couldn’t keep it clean. Then I realized the reason was because dirty clothes were piled up on the stairs and in the laundry room, and that dishes were stacking up next to the sink. The enemy was advancing and their nasty little minions were following suit.

Fortunately General Dishes had only overtaken one counter and General Laundry had only just begun to spread into the hall. Last night I was able to force them to retreat and, true to form, the support toy and garbage troops ran for cover. I have enlisted troops of my own. Privates Lucy and Emma are always on the front lines against the toys and have been fighting valiantly. And I have just assigned Lieutenant Dad to the noble task of emptying the dishwasher. He’s up against quite a foe, even though those dishes are clean, they tend to fight dirty. But I think he’s up to the task. I’ve earned my second star and am now Major General Mom (MGM for short).

Unfortunately, Colonel Computer Desk is also turning out to be a worthy adversary. Presently, he seems to be able to resist all of our efforts. I will need to map out a new strategy that, as of yet, has not been attempted. I will keep you posted.


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  1. Cindy says:

    It’s like you’re in my head!……….My nemisis is also the laundry and dishes and no matter how often I do them, they’re never done! It doesn’t seem to set the whole mood for me in my house, though! It’s an ongoing battle that will never end!


  2. Megan B says:

    Here here! I’m in that same boat, Courtney!


  3. Heather B says:

    Awesome writing! I love it! Keep up the mess attack!


  4. Lyndsey says:

    I’m the same way. But, since my apartment is so small, if the laundry and dishes aren’t done, it seems like the whole place is trashed. I try to keep on top of it.


  5. Maine Mom says:

    Ever since I declared Monday laundry day, I have not had a problem with laundry. From the time I get up until it’s done, I wash, dry, and put away laundry and then I don’t think about it until the following Monday…with the exception of something getting thrown up on or peed on which I will wash that day, and I do our sheets on a separate day. Works for me! I hate having laundry around…especially clean laundry waiting to be put away.


  6. Mom says:

    Court remember I told you how much I appreciated the things I learned at your house. Well I seem to have acquired a love for Pine-sol that was lurking beneath my messy inclinations. Can I get into heaven even though I “huff” Pine-sol? So in order to have a constant smell of Pine-sol around me I’m forced to constantly wipe counters and floors and sinks and toilets. If I am not careful I will loose my reputation as a lazy lump. I’ve been forced to mop my floors more than 2 times in a week so as not to be caught with my nose stuck in the Pine-sol bottle. It’s a sad sight I tell you.


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