Bountiful Harvest

Lucy is always so excited to hear that something from our garden is ready for the picking. We picked our first cucumber yesterday. I think it was the best cucumber I have ever tasted. We have at least 15 or 20 more on their way!


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  1. Heather B says:

    You guys are SO awesome!!!! I can hardly wait to get our square foot gardens started!!!! And you’re right, food ALWAYS tastes better when you grew it yourself :)


  2. Maine Mom says:

    I’m getting caught up here…yay for losing weight, running, and your yummy garden vegetables. :-)


  3. Abel Family says:

    Hey Courtney, your box garden looks great. Could you tell me the measurements of your boxes, they look just like I want to do next year. Thanks We have loved our garden but we have moved to a bigger house in our same neighborhood and it does not have a garden space nor a place to put it. So I want to do some boxes.


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