Trip to Bangor

156b9-p8300002We took a trip to Sam’s Club last night after Matt got home from work (payday). I have been doing so well and not eating too much…. enter Sam’s Club pizza. I think I had 4 pieces. It’s a huge pizza, packed with cheese and tastes a lot like (one of my big weaknesses) Pizza Hut , I even had that “I am so thirsty I think I am going to die” feeling that I always have after eating Pizza Hut. But the best part is that it was only $8 for a 16″ pizza. It was cheaper to get a whole pizza than for each of us to get a slice.

I took Lucy and Spencer to get the stuff we needed while Matt cleaned up Emma and packed up the rest of the “Pizza from Heaven”. When we finally met up again, Matt told me that they had been walking around the store, Matt asking Emma “Where’s Mommy?” and Emma saying “Mommy ahind me.” He followed her as she wandered around.

Our next adventure was at Walmart. Matt and Emma stayed in the car. Lucy recently told me that her “running shoes” hurt her toes. So I put $15 in the budget this week for new shoes. Well, the running shoes she picked were only $5, so I couldn’t really tell her no when she wanted the $7 leopard shoes as well. She is quite the trend setter :)


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  1. Maine Mom says:

    That pizza sounds yummy! Love those shoes, Lucy. :-)


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