He acts like a monkey, and he smells like one too

Spencer turned one year old yesterday! The boy eventually got so that he recognized the song and was excited to hear it. Though he wasn’t impressed at missing his morning nap because of church. What he WAS impressed with was the booty he got. It’s fun to get stuff for boys, now if only we can keep the girls away from his cars long enough to let him play with them. His current favorites seem to be Filmore and Mater.

Look at that smile! What a cutie!

It amazes me that the boy seems to think that anything and everything he can reach is part of a major food group. Execpt cars. No, he knows exactly what to do with cars!

“Look! Mama let me lick the spoon!”

“Can we have cake NOW please?”

“Never mind, I’ll just check out what’s in here”

“Quick! Let’s see how much of Lucy’s cake I can eat before she gets back from the bathroom!”


Here are some more pictures that I took recently. This is Lucy and Emma painting on one of the big rocks in our driveway.

Spencer and his favorite hiding place

And what, you may ask, is she pointing at? No idea, nor will she tell us. She does, however, reserve the right to scream if she doesn’t get it.


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  1. Megan B says:

    This is a great post, I just loved every bit of it, starting with that hilarious title! Isn’t it funny how they know what to do with cars at this age!! You are lucky you caught on so quickly. At this stage I was still being oblivious to Tanner turning out tupperware into vehicles. “What is he doing, Justin? You know, making those weird vrooming sounds with our bowls??”


  2. Heather B says:

    Funny, Megan! Happy Birthday, Spencer!!! LOVE the post! What great pictures, and what great fun all these boy cousins are going to have with cars!!!


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