Thank you for having a dog

Spencer just knocked over a bowl full of tuna juice (don’t ask) and it spilled all over the floor. All I had to do was say her name and Sophie was like “I am ALL over this!” I’ll just have to take a mop to it later, no need to get my had towels wet and dirty!

Matt and I finally watched Dark Knight last night, boy that was a long movie.

Lucy wasn’t going to go to school today because her tummy hurt last night and this morning. Then she discovered it was only because she was hungry, I’ve never seen that girl get ready for school so fast. 15 minutes and she was out the door, teeth brushed, snow gear on, and hair done.

On Monday she didn’t come home from school at the regular time. It was after 4 when I started to panic, I was all ready to call the police when I remembered that she takes gymnastics lessons now and goes there on the YMCA bus on Mondays. I remembered just in time to send Matt to go pick her up by 4:15. The town of Bar Harbor is paying for one Gymnastics session (8 weeks) for every kindergardener and first grader. She was so excited and she loves it. Too bad she’ll have to take soccer or baseball next time since it’s cheaper when we actually have to pay for it.

I’m feeling a bit better today (did I mention I was sick?) I can breathe again but I’m coughing a little bit more. I took some migraine medicine when I woke up this morning so hopefully I will avoid the “on the mend” headache.

I have some new releases today at PDW so I have to spend a few hours finishing up my designs so I can get them in the store before the newsletter goes out. I’ll post about them tomorrow. You’ll know why then ;) Here’s a preview of what I’ve been working on. Isn’t that smile to die for!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maine Mom says:

    I’m glad you remembered where Lucy was before you called the police. :-)I loved going to gymnastics class, too when I was a kid.


  2. Megan B says:

    I for one would have LOVED the “oops, I called the police” post that almost was :)


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