I don’t know how who my longest fan is (probably my sister Megan) and she, at least, will recognize this next kit. It was my first. Orange Slices. I discontinued it a while ago and recently revamped the papers, added some elements made an add on, and it is now up for sale at the DigiChick, better than ever! Get it HERE

Here is what it looks like now :) It sure was neat to go back and see how far I’ve come in my designing.

Here is my LO, it was fun to pull out some old pictures. This is Emma when she was 9 months old.

This is what Breon did with it

Here is the add on that I made for it. Get it for free until Sunday. Get it HERE

And if you haven’t yet, make sure you check out my Grab Bags. I have one at the DigiChick with lots of never before released products. It will be on sale at this price until Saturday, after that I will be separating it and putting the insides up in the shop at full price. Get it HERE.

I’ve also got a commercial use Grab Bag at PDW. Get it HERE. Only available until March 3rd.

And don’t forget about my BIG FAT SALE at PDW. ALL of my personal use products are being pulled from the shop. (Yes I know there are spelling errors, but photoshop doesn’t seem to have a spell check feature :)


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