Home School Pics. Here is Emma doing her reading lesson. Notice her special “White Learning Horse” giving her help.

Lucy reading to Spencer while I’m working with Emma

She can be such a big helper!

Emma putting numbers in the right order.

I did it!!

Little boy in undies… notice the rolled up carpet in the background. Our first floor is currently EASILY cleanable until further notice.

My homeschooling bookcase… it’s not pretty but it does the job (and only cost $60, and when we move back to WA we can use it for food storage.)

Our “quiet” study station.


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  1. Heather B says:

    I love your pictures!! You are doing a great job. I love all the happy faces :) It is so satisfying, isn't it, to see the older ones helping the littler ones. Great job. The white learning horse cracked me up! The bookshelf looks great! Do you have it set up as a TJED bookshelf? It looks it. We've made some changes to our "study station" yesterday, I'll post it soon :) Keep it up, you're doing a marvelous job!!!


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