House Pics

My house has never looked so good.  Anyone want to buy it?

Entry Way (Matt made that arch himself, it had been a boring regular old doorway

Ok, I am SO going to miss my red kitchen.  It’s just beautiful!  Do you love my pot rack?  He made that too!  I made the curtains.
This is my favorite wall in the whole house!  I love the purple flowers in front of the red wall.
Can you believe he made me take down my awesome wall?  I had to “depersonalize” it.  Still pretty though.
My pretty living room (and my new TV)
You can see the pillows I searched far and wide for.  And my pretty rug that I BEGGED Matt for.  We got the grandfather clock at Mardens and it was broken when we brought it home.  Matt fixed it though :)
Downstairs bathroom.  It’s painted my favorite color in the house (a very light tanny gray, same as master bedroom)
Our upstairs hallway
Spencer’s room
Master Bedroom
Master Bath (big tub huh?)
The girl’s room (stairs go up to the attic)
More girls room
And the piez de resistance.  Our attic.  Just to remind you, here are some before pictures of Matt working on the stairs and what our attic looked like just a few months ago (September to be exact)
Matt also put in the window at the end of the room.  What had been a storage attic with a drop down stair case is now a beautiful, fully functional school room/library and play room!
Anyone want it?  I’ll give you a good price!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Megan B says:

    Oooooooh! It's breathtaking!!! I'm almost tempted. But… too cold :)


  2. Donna says:

    Wow! Double wow! You guys have worked hard, and it looks fantastic. Best of luck selling!


  3. Heather B says:

    Oh Courtney, I am SO SO SO impressed!!! It's SO gorgeous and you guys have done such a wonderful job!!!! It is NOT a small thing when you are doing home improvements yourself! Thanks for posting pictures!!! Amazing!!


  4. Lyndsey says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. That is GORGEOUS!!!!(I wish you were moving to Florida. Then you could help me make my new house pretty.)


  5. Becca says:

    Wow! Home improvement posts are always my favorite. Now that everything looks amazing, are you sad you're moving?


  6. Tara says:

    Great job! It's beautiful! Good luck selling!


  7. Heather, Dan, and Family says:

    Your house is so gorgeous! I wish I could buy it!


  8. Lori says:

    Wow – your house is so beautiful! I hope it sells fast for you!


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