The moment you have all been waiting for!

My living room.  I love this room.  It was the first room I was able to get put together.  It was so nice to have one room that was sane in the middle of the insane.
That red carpet is the “play area”.  It’s got legos and puzzles and other toys that I don’t mind being downstairs.
The white rugged area is where most of us sit to read something.  It’s also where we do our floor school activities so no one has to sit on the cold tile.  We were going to replace our utilitarian shelving units with actual bookcases.  But decided that they didn’t look all that bad once they were filled up.  Some of those books are stacked 3 rows deep.
These great storage bins from Kmart didn’t hurt!  I think I may need more.
I realize that most people would probably have put the dining table under one of the light fixtures over where my rugs are, but it wouldn’t have looked right with our shelves.  And this was the best way to maximize the space in the area while still giving it a clean and minimalist look.  Notice I was able to keep my picture wall :)
Beautiful.  Though I am going to have to fix it after Speck is born.
The laundry room.  Like how it has become a “catch all”.
Never mind,  THIS has become the “catch all”.  We’ll be happy when we can fit a car in it.  The other half will be a shop/exercise room.  That chair?  You were wondering about the chair?  I split one of the legs down the middle as I was sitting on it for dinner on Sunday… in front of company.  The move wasn’t easy on our chairs.  They are all scratched, dinged or sporting tiny tears.
This one was the one that got the worse damage.  That hole goes all the way through.  But I had been holding off on replacing it because it was so easily disguised.
See!  The replacement chairs come in pairs.  Once I broke the leg of the other, I decided it was time.  New ones are in the mail.
Back to the fun stuff.  This is Emma’s room.  She will be sharing with Speck once he is sleeping in his crib.  The top bunk is currently unoccupied but will be where Lucy sleeps when we have guests (she has a bigger bed).
Emma loves having her own room.  But she is also excited to share with the new baby.  So far she is certainly the one who is most excited about his presence.  She is always telling him that she loves him and asking if he is awake or asleep.
This is Spencer’s room.  The bed is tall, I know.  The headboard doesn’t go all the way down and his pillows were always falling through the hole and onto the floor.  So we got a box spring to prevent it.  Yes he can get on by himself, but not without effort :)  He has no problem getting off though.  He stands on it and says “To Infinity and Beyond!” and then jumps off.  The quilt is the quilt Matt’s mom made him when he got his Eagle Scout award.  It’s nice to be able to use it again.
On a side note… I love Mondays.  You would too if your husband came home looking like this:
Just a little somthin’ for the ladies :)  Sorry about the blurriness.  
Trust me, it’s much more sharp in person ;)  They are required to wear their dress blues on Mondays.  There is some talk that it will change to every day.  I’m all for it!
More pictures later on.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruby says:

    what a clean pretty and well organized home. Aaaugh, some day.


  2. Heather B says:

    The house is looking good!


  3. Megan B ? says:

    Beautiful, Courtney!! Looks so great!


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