I know I promised that I would try and explain why the free market is the best economic system out there, but something more important came up.

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about Fast and Furious. At the time that I wrote that article it seemed as if that was the worse possible thing that this administration could have done. I mean it doesn’t get much worse than allowing thousands of fire arms to be put in the hands of violent drug cartels killing an American border patrol agent, hundreds of Mexicans and trying to set up the fire arm suppliers in the border states for the fall. If Obama’s history on partial birth abortion legislation wasn’t enough, Fast and Furious has proven to me that not only does he have no respect for human life, but he also has no problem lying to the American people about it. Many thought that this was the “watergate” scandal of the Obama administration.

Since the time I wrote that article another scandal has come to light that makes Fast and Furious look like child’s play. As horrific and twisted as the whole Fast and Furious story is, it is nothing compared to what happened in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. I am physically ill after hearing the details of Benghazi.

Before I get started I have no problem with the idea that some things need to be kept from the public. I am a military wife. I know about classified data and how important it is for safety and stability to keep some things out of the public arena. There is a massive difference between saying “I can’t give you all of the details for security reasons” and outright lying to the American people and instigating a massive cover-up operation.

The easiest thing I can do for you is give you a timeline. I’m not perfect and I’m sure I will miss some things, but here is the meat of it.

  • At around 2:30 pm Washington DC time on September 11th Chris Stevens, the US Ambassador for Libya, escorts a Turkish diplomat outside of the US consulate in Benghazi. A State Department official would later say that everything was calm and nothing unusual was going on.
  • At 3:30 pm security heard gunfire and explosives outside. A briefing states “the camera on the main gate reveals a large number of people – a large number of men, armed men, flowing into the compound.”
  • By 4:15 pm men carrying machine guns and rocket propelled grenades (RPG) and other weapons gained gained access to the safe house.
  • Over the next several hours four American citizens were murdered including our Ambassador, a diplomat and two CIA agents, both of whom were former Navy Seals.
  • By 10 pm Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issues a statement confirming the attack and the death of American Citizens.

That is the nitty gritty of what happened. It was a deplorable tragedy where American citizens were attacked and killed on American soil. The response of the Administration to what happened in the days and weeks that follow is worse than the event itself.

On September 12, Obama made a statement in the Rose Garden. Now, I don’t care whether or not Obama called the attack in Libya an “act of terror” or “terrorism”. Arguing about semantics will get us no where.

What we DO know is that the Administration and it’s surrogates spent the next two weeks blaming the attack on a youtube video. Susan Rice, our UN Ambassador made the rounds over the next few days telling us exactly what the Administration wanted to blame this on.

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Over and over again they say that this is was a spontaneous demonstration and the fact that it happened (in several places in the middle east) on the anniversary of 9/11 was just a coincidence.

Again, you know something is serious when even self-proclaimed socialist Jon Stewart gets it right.

By September 25th, a full two weeks after the attack, President Obama stood in front of the UN and said:

“That is what we saw play out the last two weeks, as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity,”

It’s our duty to reject a poorly done youtube video, which hardly anyone saw, that was supposedly the spark that made a hundreds of people riot in 27 countries across the middle east and asia… at the same time… on the anniversary of the first enemy attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. Sounds legit to me.

So what does our president do to bring justice to the families of the dead? They arrest the video maker. Way to go guys! We have murders, rapists and pedophiles on the loose but your initiative by catching an evil bank fraud parol violator has completely restored my faith in the justice system!

Now let me just take a break from explaining the facts to say how incredibly insulting that whole theory is. IF it was the video which sparked the riots (which I don’t for a second think that it was), the Administration is basically saying that middle easterners are savage animals that can’t be expected to have control over their actions. That they are so brainwashed by their religion and ideology that it is only natural for them to torture and murder every westerner in their path when confronted with something offensive. I’m sorry but I don’t buy it. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist or whatever other religion people claim, you are responsible for your own actions. You can’t just say “obviously we don’t think there is any excuse for this kind of behavior” and then in the same breath turn around and arrest the idiot who said/did something distasteful and offensive. It’s an insult to logical people everywhere and it’s especially insulting and degrading to the majority of the good and decent people living in the Middle East.

The only logical conclusion is that this was a coordinated attack by a small group of Islamist Jihadists (a term for those who believe that Islam and Shari’ah law should be the religion and law of the land for everyone; your basic “join or die” philosophy).

If that wasn’t bad enough, reports continue to come in giving us evidence that

  • not only did the Administration know about the attack within minutes of it’s inception, but Libyan officials had warned the US that there was a security threat days before it happened
  • US officials and diplomats had repeatedly asked for more security in Benghazi
  • CNN found in Steven’s journal that he was very concerned about his safety.
  • there was “beefed up” military support elsewhere in the region (in preparation for 9/11) that could have been to Benghazi within an hour of being ordered
  • directly following the attack there were several emails where an al Qaeda group claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • there was real time video footage showing what was going on as it was happening
  • the two CIA agents were separated from the Ambassador and the diplomat and were in communication with their higher ups during the time of the attack.
  • the CIA agents were denied help three times during the attack and were told to “stand down” rather than help Stevens and Smith.
  • Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty lost their lives while disobeying those orders and attempting to save Stevens and Smith
  • I don’t know all of the details of how it works, but one of the CIA officers was in the process of marking the area with a laser which is commonly used for Special Ops missions, giving us the impression that he had an expectation of help on the way (as a former Navy Seal, he would know)
  • Smith (the diplomat) was the only person we know of that died within the first hour. The rest were killed several hours after the attack started
  • there is increasing speculation that President Obama himself was watching the attack as it happened
  • the president of the United States is the only person who can authorize special forces to be deployed in situations such as this

Given the fact that this is the United States of America and we have the most advanced military technology in the world I am going so say that the claims there was real time video are true. It’s just ridiculous for us to think that they didn’t know what was happening when it was happening and that they didn’t have drones videoing the entire thing.

So what does that all mean in english?

Basically it means that within minutes of the attack, the administration knew what was going on and watched the whole thing go down. If that is true (and all evidence points to it being true), then there are much more disturbing implications than Obama and those who speak for him lying to us for weeks, lying to us about lying to us, and using an innocent (though stupid and insensitive) man as a scapegoat.

This is the part where I get ill just thinking about it. Having a real time video means one of three things.

  1. That Obama has checked out because he is far more concerned about keeping his job than doing his job. If this is the case then I think it’s safe to say that his first term was a failure. If you can’t run on your record then you have nothing to offer.
  2. That Obama’s administration is out of control. If his Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State feel that something like this can happen without it being reported to the Commander in Chief then I want them both fired. There is a serious problem if you are letting other people do your job for you. If that is the case, you don’t deserve my vote.
  3. That Obama was there in the room, knew what was happening and actively chose not to send in help. I can’t tell you how upsetting this possibility is to me. It sickens me that the man who is in charge of protecting and defending this nation and it’s citizens, knowing that he was the only one who could make the call to save these men, would sit back and watch while he allowed them to be tortured and murdered by a small group of extremists. Given the circumstances there was absolutely no risk of putting additional people in harm’s way. What on earth would be his motivation other than fear of political backlash? It sickens me, especially because this is the most likely scenario of the three.

Obama claims that his foreign policy is his strongest asset and something that he proudly displays to us, always coupled with the phrase “I got Bin Laden”. I hate to say it but if “getting” Bin Laden is his only claim to fame, then that is just not good enough. ANYONE in their right mind would have ordered that hit.

While we’re on the topic of foreign policy, then it would be foolish for me to not point out that Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin have all endorsed Obama. Call me crazy, but I don’t think it would be wise for us to vote for a man that communist dictators seem to like.

I should also point out that we have been at war in Afghanistan for eleven years. 70% of the US military fatalities have happened in the last four years. A man with this record who campaigned on peace and claimed his opponent was a war machine, shouldn’t be touting his foreign policy.

Learning the details about this attack has made me feel the same way I felt when I learned the details about how abortions are performed. My heart aches for my country and with the knowledge that we have elected a man that would allow this to happen and then look us in the eye and lie about it.

What happens in Benghazi matters and it is so much worse than Watergate or the Lewinsky scandal. Four American citizens are dead because our President ignored a clear and present danger. 3 times as many people have been killed in Afghanistan since Obama took office than in the eight years prior because he does not understand the area, the military or how to command.


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  1. Heather B says:

    Well said and very clearly laid out!!


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