Random acts of cuteness… and a belly shot

The obligatory belly shot right before we head off to the hospital

Daddy-Daughter dance at the church for ages 8-11.  Emma will get to go next year :)

Don’t let the smile fool you… he prefers to sleep in the crook of my arm or attached to me like a very cute leech.

Some of our neighbors were eager to get rid of the trees that had fallen in their yard.  We were happy to take it off of their hands.  Some of those rounds are at least two and a half feet wide!

I have already mentioned how Jack sleeps with Spencer every night.  Spencer doesn’t love it but hasn’t complained too much because he is a good big brother.

Since I had to switch the kids rooms anyway (the three boys get the bigger room) we decided it was time to give Jack his own big boy bed.  This seems to work out well for everyone.

I took this picture the morning after the hurricane.  All of the kids were huddled in my room.

I call this one “Pucker and the Albino”.

I call this one “I’m waiting”.  I can never resist smooching that face :)

This one is an oldie… but it is my favorite :)



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Too too sweet!!!


  2. Heidi F. says:

    Love the pictures, especially the one of Matt and Lucy!


  3. Heather B says:

    Love this post!!!! Thanks or the adorable update!!


  4. Megan B says:

    Hee hee, all of these are so very cute!! Your belly is adorable :)


    1. Thanks… not so adorable anymore now that it’s squishy ;)


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