Act in Doctrine – {Review}

Act in Doctrine

For those of you who have read my blog for a while, you know how important learning is to me and my family.  I eagerly read Elder David A. Bednar’s Increase in Learning earlier this year and was struck again by the importance of inviting the Lord into your learning experiences (as Elder Bednar said, “The Holy Ghost is the best math teacher”).  One of the most important aspects of spiritual and temporal learning is ACTING on what you have learned.

Act in Doctrine, is the follow up volume to Increase in Learning (though you needn’t have read Increase in Learning to read Act in Doctrine.)

Elder Bendar leads us through some of the the patterns for turning our hearts and minds to the Savior so that we can more willingly and lovingly act in accordance with His will.  The chapters include:

  • The Character of Christ
  • Moral Agency
  • Conversion unto the Lord
  • The Role of a Teacher

I don’t usually write or highlight in books, but Act in Doctrine is made for it.  Wide margins, extra pages for note taking, places to write down answers to specific questions asked in the book.  The hardcover also comes with a DVD containing additional insight from Elder Bednar (the ebook links to the lectures which makes it really easy for the reader.)

How foolish would it be for us to learn about fractions but NOT apply that learning when we adjust recipes to fit our family’s needs?  It doesn’t make much sense to learn all of the safety information for using power tools and then ignore them when we use the saw (in this instance you can hardly blame the saw when you cut off your fingers).

We are just as responsible for acting on our spiritual learning as we are in our temporal education.  We are free agents, not objects.  We are beings that have the ability (and duty) to choose to act and not be acted upon.  There is no sitting on the sidelines and observing the works of man.  Our personal agency is the only thing that is uniquely ours.  Everything else that we usually call our own: our talents, money, career, children, possessions, even our very life; are all blessings that have been given to us by our Father in Heaven.

As disciples of Christ we must be anxiously engaged in His work, and by doing so we are giving Him the only thing that is truly ours to give: our will.

Act in Doctrine is one of those few books that really encourages you to look inside yourself and discover what you personally can do for the Savior.

{Disclaimer: I received this book for my family in exchange for a review, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.}


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