All About Reading Pre-Reading {Review}

It’s no secret that I LOVE All About Learning Press :)  After my experience with Emma I was uber excited to have a chance to use All About Reading Pre-Reading with Spencer.

Unlike his sister, Spencer doesn’t seem to struggle at all with dyslexia.  For a child who already knows the alphabet and phonics sounds, level 1 was perfect but when I started him on level 1 he couldn’t keep up (too much too soon).  All About Reading Pre-Reading is perfect for kiddos starting from scratch.


All About Reading Pre-Reading uses several different approaches to prepare children for successful reading.  The lessons introduce one letter at a time; first going through the entire alphabet once with capital letters, then again with lower case.  Once they can identify the letter of the day I read him a short story in the books that are included and then move on to a game.  The games can be anything from word play, rhyming, learning syllables, to blending sounds.  The games use a combination of either yellow picture cards and/or the puppet Ziggy the Zebra.  The lessons are entirely scripted (which means no prep work on my part aka LOVE) and I am always amazed at how accurately they predict what my child’s answer will be!  Everything you need comes in the deluxe pack.

How did Spencer like it?


I have never met a boy more eager to have “school time”.  The very moment I give the green light for his “reading lesson” he gathers up all of the supplies with lightning speed and waits (not so patiently) to start.  He is especially partial to Ziggy and the silly games he plays :)


I have tried starting him on other curriculums before and this is by far the best I have seen.  It is especially helpful for busy moms.  I have five children in five different “grades” and I love that all of the prep work has already been done for me.  This requires zero creativity on my part and I don’t have to spend hours printing, laminating and keeping track of a weeks worth of games.  I just open up the book and pick up where we left off (something my sleep deprived brain truly appreciates).

I wish I had All About Reading Pre-Reading four years ago when we started homeschooling.  We would have saved ourselves a lot of tears.

I am expecting that teaching Jack to read will be just as if not more challenging than teaching Emma (who is thriving by the way).  I have no doubt that we will be able to avoid the many fights and tears that reading lessons once brought on.  The tools contained All About Reading Pre-Reading are even helping me get Jack to verbalize more.  After watching his brother do his lessons, Jack is eager to join in the fun.



Unbeknownst to All About Reading Pre-Reading they are also helping my baby learn to talk :)  He has never been so eager to say “ooo” and “eeee” (or pretty much anything other than “da”).


What I love the most is that the geniuses behind All About Reading Pre-Reading know that successful reading is far more than just recognizing the letters and their sounds.  All of the games and exercises are part of preparing children to be able to actually READ and not just sound out words.

And did I mention Ziggy?


 {Disclaimer: I received this book for my family in exchange for a review, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.}


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  1. Maribeth says:

    Hi Courtney,
    I found this review via Pinterest and I am glad I did. I’ve been agonizing over whether to start my son in Pre-reading or Level 1. He is 4 and knows all his letters and most of the sounds, but I kept thinking Level 1 looked, as you said, “too much too soon.” I think I will order the Pre-reading level and it seems from all the various reviews that the puppet is a must. What say you about the other items in the deluxe kit? Worth the money? Thanks!


    1. Hey Maribeth, Everything you NEED is in the basic pack. The puppet is helpful certainly an attention getter for the kiddos. I like the box for the cards, too. But if money is tight you can make it work with a paper bag puppet and a ziplock bag :)


      1. Maribeth says:

        Wow! Thanks for the super fast reply! I actually found a 20% off coupon for the basic package from our local Christian Bookstore (Mardel) so I ordered it. Then I went to the AAL website and ordered the puppet. Ha! I think I have an index card holder laying around I could use. We homeschool moms seem to never be short on school/office supplies. :) Thanks again for the review and the quick response. I appreciate it!


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