I have mentioned before that this is not my first time trying to loose weight.  It IS the first time that I am not absolutely miserable about it!

My new mantra is “it’s okay to feel hungry between meals”.  I repeat this phrase to myself whenever I am feeling the need to wander in to the kitchen or when I want a snack an hour after I had breakfast.  I am so pleased with how well this works!

During the last two weeks I have eaten whatever I have wanted.  I have eaten brownies, ice cream, salads, strawberries, steak, chicken quesadillas (at a restaurant), nutella and strawberries on a slice of bread or tortilla (a family favorite snack), creamy soups, sausage tortellini stews, chocolate milk and whatever else my heart desired.  This might sound like a disaster but I have only eaten at designated meal times and adjusting the other meals for when there is a change (for example I had a very late breakfast this morning, so instead of having breakfast at 11 am and then lunch at 12:30 I skipped lunch and had an earlier dinner).  Being strict in the timing instead of the content has been very good for me.  I eat whatever I want to without eating AS MUCH as I want to.  That distinction seems to be making all of the difference in the world.

The results are:

  • I am ACTUALLY less hungry
  • I no longer enjoy the feeling of being “full”
  • it takes far less to fill me up so my portion sizes are smaller
  • I reach for water before I reach for food

I have also been VERY honest when I count my calories.  I have gotten used to being in the red at the end of the day (usually be 300 – 500 calories).

This has given me a loss of 5lbs so far!  5 lbs isn’t a lot but slow and steady wins the race right?

Here are a few things that I have learned

  • Curing 30+ years of emotional/stress/boredom induced eating needs to be taken one baby step at a time.  My goal the first week was to be honest with my food logs.  I refused to stop counting just because I didn’t want to see red.  My goal the second week was to only eat at meal times and not snack outside of the occasional 4:30 pm snack when my five little baby birds need something to hold them over until a later dinner.  This week, in addition to the previeous goals, I want to stay within 100 calories of my daily goal.
  • Not being able to exercise is good for me right now.  I love to run.  I love to run so much that even though I know that I will have to start from scratch (I haven’t gone running in almost a year) I am aching with anticipation for February 6th (the day my gym membership kicks back in after having Henry).  Since I love to run so much I have been able to maintain my weight while over-eating (a LOT).  I am having a really rough time recovering from my c-section so while I can do normal “mom” activities, working out hasn’t been an option.  This time is helping me learn new skills to help me loose weight rather than relying solely on my love for exercise.  I’m really hoping that these two weeks will help me heal enough to get back on the treadmill or at the very least the elliptical.
  • Nutella and strawberries wrapped up in a tortilla or on a slice of bread is my go-to snack.  Deliciousness for my sweet tooth at only 250 calories.
  • Our favorite lunches are cheese and crackers, or cowboy caviar on wheat thins.  Finger food is fun, easy, fast, tidy and my kids and I just love it!
  • One meal of binging is BAD news for my new “I don’t feel as hungry any more” feeling.  For me over-eating is like a drug.  I do it once and I need it more and more.  I had never really thought of myself as a food addict but actually writing this out has made me realize how true it is.  I can’t let myself feel full.  I can only let myself feel “not hungry”.  If I give in then invariably I will feel more hungry before the next meal.  It’s the great paradox.  This is the hardest part for me and I am hopeful that once I am down to my goal weight I will be able to indulge a little more, but I just can’t let myself do that yet (which is why I haven’t made the copycat Texas Roadhouse rolls I’ve been craving).
  • Soups are currently my best friend.
  • When I go out to eat, ask for a box as soon as they bring the entree.  It is really hard to NOT eat (even though I’m not hungry anymore) when I have THIS staring me in the face.  I did end up giving in and eating that big juicy one on the left but I really didn’t need to (in case you were wondering, it was just as delicious the next day and the kids ate all of my fries).


So now it’s your turn.  How are you reaching your goals this year?  What works and what doesn’t?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne says:

    Congratulations! 5 lbs is a big deal! What a great start.


  2. Hmm, I have never tried Nutella. I need to buy me some of that.
    Keep striving for your goal each and every day.

    Angie McFarren


    1. You’ll LOVE it! I had it a lot when I was a kid and didn’t think it was all that impressive but I rediscovered it as an adult and put it on pretty much anything I can :)


  3. Debra says:

    Five pounds is a big deal. And way to go!!


  4. Jennifer says:

    You are off to a great start! The biggest change in my diet this year has been cutting out soft drinks. I’m finally past the caffeine headache stage, but still craving my diet Dr. Pepper at times.


    1. Mmmm… Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper and orange soda are my favorites! I am fortunate though that water is my beverage of choice and always has been. Good job on being passed the headaches! Most people don’t make it that far!


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