Create A Powerful Life Plan!

I have been incredibly blessed to be able to read and review so many awesome books and other products.  So many in fact that when I was first asked to review Create a Powerful Life Plan! by Connie E. Sokol, I initially turned it down.  I was just TOO busy!  As fortune would have it my scheduled opened up and I was able to review it after all.  Talk about kismet!  It’s as if the waters parted so that I would be able to  have the time to read the VERY book that would help me get my life in order.

CREATE A POWERFUL LIFE PLAN - Front Cover (for Amazon and Smashwords)

As the mother of seven children, Connie is no stranger to being chronically over scheduled, overweight, overwhelmed, and  overly critical of herself.  It was in that state that Connie decided she had had enough of her self-described “Twinkie life” (looks good on the outside, no recognizable substance on the inside) and committed to changing her life.

We have all had those moments (or at the very least heard of someone who has had those moments).  It’s the instant when you see yourself in the mirror and notice your back-fat creating a Quasimodo-esc hump or when you look at your bank statement and see that your (negative) net worth has far too many zeros on the end.  It’s far more than just dissatisfaction with something in your life.  It’s the moment that you have had ENOUGH and you have an intensity that you have never had before.

Connie had one of those fabulous moments and right then and there she furiously wrote out what she wanted out of life.  At that point she knew what it was she needed to do to make it happen.  From her hastily written scribbles she created a life plan.

I take my job as a reviewer very seriously, so when I started reading Create a Powerful Life Plan I decided that I wouldn’t just read it, but that I would actually do what Connie told me to do.  I wrote out in detail the kind of person that I wanted to be and followed her instructions for implementing them.  I worked on one goal at a time and took tiny, manageable bites of each.

During the last few weeks I noticed something interesting happen.  Without conscious effort, as I was focusing on being a more attentive mother and spending more quality time with each of my children, it was easier for me to control my eating.  It was also easier for me manage my time and put first things first.  I didn’t check my email or reader obsessively and every time I had a second to spare.  I was able to have time to breathe and just be still.

I will be the first to admit that it has not all been sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.  I had a really rough week about the fourth week.  I got sick, then my boys got sick, I didn’t get enough sleep, and I may or may not have had a few emotional breakdowns that women have been known to have from time to time.  I have to say though, because my weekly goals were almost too small to seem like they could make a difference I was able to power through… and they DID make a difference!  I may have been a cry-baby, but I was a cry-baby who was still in control(ish).

There is a strange power that comes from writing down your goals.  The act of writing down the “what” helps your brain somehow formulate the “how”.  Continuing to write down your progress and what does and doesn’t work on your journey keeps you motivated and accountable (staying motivated is SO much harder than getting motivated!)

Even Connie confesses that changing yourself into the person you have always wanted to be is not a quick or easy process.  You have to do what you can and MAKE it happen, and that can be especially hard when you have a large family to care for.  Connie knows as the rest of us do that family must ALWAYS come first.  She says

Family comes first, no doubt about it.  But placing family first does not preclude doing anything else.  It does mean involving them, influencing them with your dreams and goals, and overcoming struggles in ways that will benefit all of you.

I had six pregnancies in ten years and with my left toe did a program for women, then called LIFEChange.  At times I would become frustrated with the stops and starts, never being able to jump right in and do it the way I wanted.  However, I kept my promise to put my family first, and through that perceived sacrifice, my original program developed into an even better one.  Every time we do the right thing for the right reason first, we will receive benefits we could not imagine. [emphasis added]

This is my kind of woman!  It’s not easy and sometimes it might seem like the chance of a lifetime has slipped you by but your family is always worth it and if you are patient and put first things first, better things will come your way.  YOU have the power to be all you want to be.  Make it happen!

For more information on Connie Sokol you can go to her website, watch her videos on YouTube or buy her ebook ($3.99 WELL spent, I assure you!)

{Disclaimer: I received this book for my family in exchange for a review, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.}


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  1. This sounds like a book I need to read. Thanks for sharing.



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