Bumps in the Road


I lost 11 pounds in the month of January.  WAHOO!!

In the month of February I lost a grand total of…  wait for it…

Zero.  That’s right… a big fat (emphasis on the FAT) ZERO!  Zip, ziltch, nada.

Needless to say, February hasn’t been the most awesome month.  On the bright side I haven’t gained any weight.

I know exactly what went wrong: I thought I was in control.  I thought that since I was SO good about not over eating when I was freaking out that I could keep my secret candy on hand for whenever I wanted.  I figured I could eat as much chocolate as I wanted as long as I was within my calorie goal.

Who wants to be the first to write “stupid” on my forehead?

As you can imagine, one thing led to another and I ended up not logging in to myfitnesspal for at least a week and a half.

I know there are no excuses but here are my excuses:

  • plantar fasciitis (aka no running :( )
  • messy house
  • overtired
  • getting my girls ready for a talent show (rehearsing, costumes, etc.)
  • several reviews that needed to be written
  • baby not wanting to nap

With all of this going on I made the decision that not stressing about calories for a week would be fine so I could get my life back in order.  I’m super glad that I did this and should be ready to go come March 1st but that still doesn’t explain my lack of motivation for the rest of February.  You would think that being allowed to exercise again would make the weight come off faster rather than slower, right?  Not so with me.

I find myself having to adjust things a little bit.  Clearly eating back my exercise calories is not a good idea.  Even though on paper I should be able to eat them, it doesn’t seem to work in practice.  So I am going to eat back half of my exercise calories.  I wouldn’t eat back any except that exercise really does make me hungrier.

I have another confession for you.  In my excitement of not being pregnant, the new year, and trying a new life plan I did NOT do a very important part of that new life plan… I didn’t reward myself.  In January I didn’t really need to.  I was feeling awesome and super exited and motivated.  By the middle of February the novelty had worn off.  Couple that with stress and you have a recipe for giving up.

So when I start back up again March 1st, I will be much better at rewarding myself.  This is SO important because I find that the satisfaction of loosing 10 pounds in a month starts to wane after 3 weeks of nothing.  I need SOMETHING to keep me dedicated during the slow weeks.

First of all I will NOT reward myself with food!  I will continue to indulge a little bit every day but only a LITTLE bit and NOT with my favorite chocolate.  I have decided that my favorite chocolate will ONLY be for when I need it and I won’t keep it on hand.  I am still trying to curb my emotional eating, but dangit sometimes a girl just needs some chocolate!  On my occasional cry-baby days I will have Matt pick up a bag on his way home from work.  Cry-baby-Courtney needs chocolate but I shouldn’t keep a secret stash because it will get eaten by non-cry-baby-Courtney.

Would you like to know how I will reward myself?  I knew you would ;)  If I keep my weekly goals (not just weight loss related but also family, educational and spiritually related) then I will reward myself with 30 minutes in the hot tub and a book at the gym (I would take a bubble bath but our tub doesn’t work at the moment… don’t worry, we DO have a shower.)  On weeks where I meet my weight loss milestones (every ten pounds or so) I will splurge and maybe get a pedicure or a massage.  I’m not generally a mani-pedi kind of gal, to be honest I think they are a massive waste of time and money.  That being said, remember that I am not doing it because I want to be “pampered” but as payment for a job well done.  I would normally treat myself to a new book or pretty skirt, but I have little time (or space) for many new books (though I did just buy the new biography on Coolidge and I can’t wait to read it!) and I don’t want to buy any more clothes until I have lost my weight (I have enough fat clothes thank you very much).  I think after six weeks of working by behind off (literally) I think I would greatly appreciate getting the knots worked out of my shoulders.

Lets be honest, we need some quick wins!  Losing 50 pounds isn’t going to happen quickly and I need an extra push to keep me going.

When I reach my goal size I will REALLY splurge!  Matt is going to treat me to a new wardrobe (since all of my clothes will be far to big ;))  I’m so in love with this jacket!

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.45.47 PM

and I’m getting my hair colored for the first time in YEARS and a nice cut to match!  I’m thinking along the lines of this:


It’s not a whole lot different from what I have, I’m mostly excited about coloring my hair.

I’m also going to try working out in the afternoons instead of the mornings.  The afternoons are much slower at the gym and that will free up my mornings for school (which is when I prefer to have it anyway).  Since Jack no longer naps we don’t have to be home in the afternoon.  I may have to readjust things again in a few months, but that’s OK :)

So now I want your ideas.  How would YOU reward yourself?


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  1. Cari Osborne says:

    You look great and sometimes chocolate IS more important than weight loss. I should send you some yummy german chocolate oh wait, that would be botching your goals. Maybe as a reward at the end ;) My last pregnancy I went on a $500 shopping spree because I couldn’t fit in my old clothes and it was so much fun. Getting hair done and good books are also at the top of my list. Maybe a beach vacation without kids! Ok maybe that’s too wishful…


    1. I wouldn’t say no to some German Chocolate ;)


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