A Journey Through Learning – {Review}

It’s always a learning process for me to figure out how to cater to the educational needs of my children; not just due to their different ages, but also their different learning styles.  I have always loved the idea of lapbooks but Lucy didn’t care much them so after trying them a few years ago, I gave up.  Now that Emma has conquered reading I am able to start introducing some other subjects in to her formal schooling and lapbooks seemed like a fun way for her to ease her way back into it.

A Journey Through Learning specializes in educational lapbooks for children that cover everything from science to literature.

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Emma and I chose The Earth; Learning Lapbook with Study Guide (grades 1-4) to try first.  This included visual and written instructions on how to assemble the lapbook, cover page, lessons, colorful booklets (with instructions on how to fold and where to place them), supplemental book suggestions, related songs, poetry, craft ideas, and science questions for additional discussion.

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I really enjoyed doing this with the kids.  One of the most difficult things about homeschooling for me is knowing when to STOP teaching.  Does anyone else struggle with this?  This is difficult for me for two reasons.  The first reason is because I will often go off on tangents.  I will start teaching about Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and end up comparing temperatures of various places based on how close they are to the equator.  My most magical school days are like this.  I love following the natural progression of a child’s curiosity and letting them lead.  The only problem is that after four hours of this I find that we haven’t actually finished the original lesson and have to come back to it the next day.

Secondly I never know when to close the door on a topic and move on to another.  I could study the decades prior to and during the American Revolution forever and always be learning something new.  You have no idea how difficult it is for me to close the book and move on to the next topic.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is wonderful and it’s my favorite way to teach but in the interest of giving my children a well rounded education I have to reign it in a little :)  A Journey Through Learning’s lapbooks allowed me to do just that.

I found this worked rather well for the whole family.  One of the first few lessons was on the Earth’s crust.  This lesson also focused on the different kinds of rocks and minerals.  I read the one page lesson summery and then dug out a book on the Earth.  We looked pictures of the different kinds of rocks, looked up the birth stones of each of the family members and looked at the patterns in our granite counter tops.  I sent Lucy off to study more rocks and minerals on her own, sent Spencer and Jack off to play with their toys and sat down with Emma to work on the lapbook.  She cut out the booklet, wrote out what she had learned about the different kinds of rocks and pasted it in place.


Lapbooks aren’t necessarily the cleanest educational activity (be prepared to give frequent lectures on the importance of putting scissors away and tidying up scraps of paper) but Emma loved it and that is what matters :)


After 13 or so lessons Emma had a beautifully constructed lapbook ready to show off.  She was very proud of her work.


I love the combination of structure and freedom that A Journey Through Learning gave me.  The short lessons are perfect for rushed days when we had errands to run or laundry that was piling up.  The rest of the days when we had ample time to explore the information introduced to us, we were able watch videos of volcanos erupting, do experiments on the water cycle, make human representations of the earth revolving around the sun (what child doesn’t love being the center of the universe?) look at maps and compare day and night and seasons, locate mountains on our world map, and look up the latin roots for the ocean zones.

The lapbook format seemed perfect for Emma.  She said “I LOVED it! I want to do more lapbooks.  How ’bout a diamond and mineral one!”.

In addition to stand alone lap books, A Journey Through Learning has lapbooks that correspond with other popular curriculum such as Apologia Science, A History of Us, TruthQuest History, and even VeggieTales!

I think the website could be more user friendly, but other than that, I found A Journey Through Learning to be a wonderful addition to Emma’s education.

A Journey Through Learning offers Express Lapbooks for $1 and a $5 monthly special.  Regular prices vary depending on the product but The Earth is $13 for the instant download and $21 for the printed version.

TOS DisclaimerPrices are accurate as of the publication of this review and are subject to change
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  1. We enjoyed our lapbooks too! Stopping by from the Crew!


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