God the Father and His Tender Mercies


As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I believe in God, the Eternal Father; and His Son, Jesus Christ; and in the Holy Ghost. I believe that the Christian God is our Heavenly Father.  He is the father of our spirits and we are his children.

Last night Matt was stuck at the hospital all night for work.  About an hour after the kids fell asleep I heard Spencer whimpering in bed.  I went to see what was wrong and he said his back hurt.  He hadn’t fallen or had any other injury outside of the regular bumps and bruises that are common to a five year old rascal, though he had mentioned back pain in passing a few weeks earlier.  I thought maybe it was growing pains so I gave him some ibuprofen and let him sleep in my bed.


Five hours later it was 2 AM and the pain had escalated enough for him to start throwing up.  I was at a complete loss!  He had no fever, no nausea, no sore throat: just back pain and vomit.  I called the hospital and woke Matt up hoping he would have some suggestions as I was wondering who on earth I would call in the middle of the night to watch the other kids if I had to take Spencer to the ER.

After talking to Matt I gave Spencer some Tylenol and had him lay back down.


I had been silently praying for hours but as I went back to my bed I cradled my whimpering boy and prayed out loud.  I pleaded with my Heavenly Father and asked that he dull the pain enough for Spencer to be able to sleep and that we would be able to easily and quickly get into see the pediatrician once they opened.  I asked that Spencer would feel comforted and secure and that we would be able to know exactly what was going on and that he would quickly recover.

Within seconds of ending my plea Spencer had fallen to sleep.  By the time I laid down a few minutes later he had fallen into a deep sleep (I know it was deep because he started grinding his teeth).  It was far too soon for the Tylenol to start having an effect so I have no doubt that we had assistance from on High.


This morning he immediately asked to watch TV which was a sure fire sign that he was feeling much better.  He still complained so once 9:00 rolled around I called the pediatrician and then immediately had to race out the door to make the appointment.  While there the doctor gave him a head to toe exam.  She had him run around, jump on one foot she hit him all over with her percussion hammer (and he grinned and said “is that how you check my reflexes?”), listened to his heart and lungs and then gave him a clean bill of health with a prescription to have his urine tested just in case it is something with his kidneys.


The reason why I am telling you this story is because I want you to know that God is our Father and He loves His children.  He is a merciful and loving Father who cries when we cry and whenever possible He will send tender mercies our way.  I don’t always understand why things are happening, I don’t always know how to handle the challenges that beset me, and I may be lonely but I am never alone.  I prayed with all of my heart last night that He would lift the burden of pain off of Spencer’s little body and He did.  God doesn’t always answer my prayers the way that I want Him to but last night, in my moment of desperation, He came.


If you any questions or would like to learn more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, please feel free to contact me or read more.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jocelyn B Christensen says:

    very nice!


  2. Cari says:

    That’s awesome. I love those times when you know without a doubt that your little ones are being watched over and protected. I hope he continues to feel better!


  3. Heather says:

    Wonderful :)


  4. MoM says:

    Bless his heart. And bless yours.


  5. Christine says:

    Hi Courtney. I was swinging by to check out the post you mentioned on The Crew board and found this one. God is so awesome! There is nothing He cannot do. So thankful your son’s pain subsided.

    Love your blog and going to add your button to mine. :)


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