Sewing Lessons

A few years ago Lucy begged to learn how to sew.  I put her off as long as I could because, well… I barely like sewing at all let alone sewing with kids. But, eventually I had to give in.  Two years later and she is nearly as good as I am (which tells you a little bit about the kind of seamstress I am).  She could use a few more lessons on finishing touches but in reality the only skill she lacks is in the style department (what is it with little girls and having terrible fashion sense?)

Lucy is responsible and experienced enough to create without too much supervision.  Last night I pointed her in the direction of the fabric that I hate and said she could do what she wanted.  A few hours later she came down in this:


Those “finishing touch” lessons will be forthcoming (lessons like “flannel is not appropriate for a formal dress” and “matching the zipper to the fabric”), but I was impressed nevertheless.  If she is coming up with this kind of thing on her own just imagine what she could do with a pattern!  BTW, I was much less successful the first time I attempted sewing in a zipper.


Earlier this week Emma began to show an interest in sewing as well.  We had our first sewing lesson yesterday.  First I showed her how to trace and cut out her fabric using a dress she already had as a template.


Then I spent a good 20 minutes lecturing her on the necessity of being careful and attentive with the sewing machine and what would happen to her tiny fingers if she wasn’t.  I showed her how it worked and had her do one thing at a time.  I had her feel the pedal under her foot with the machine off, let her lift and lower the presser foot, and thread the needle.  I also had her listen very carefully to the sounds of the machine as I used it so she would know what each sound meant.  I showed her where to place her fingers and how to hold the fabric.  Then I let her sew a straight line using a scrap.


Ten minutes later and she had a new dress for Elizabeth :)  Pretty good for a first try!  Hems and buttons can wait for another day :)



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Ann A says:

    I love!! the contrasting zipper!


  2. Heather B. says:

    Awesome job, girls!


  3. Megan B says:

    Lucy and Emma!!! WOW!! you girls are so amazing!!! What you’ve done is incredible, I am so impressed!! Congratulations, you talented little ladies! You should be so proud of yourselves!


  4. Sanz says:

    I’m super impressed! Love it! My soon to be 7 year old is anxious to learn to sew. The only problem is that I don’t really know how to sew! I can do very basic things…like hem curtains, or make a pillow. He is going to take a sewing class at a learning center this fall. I’m hoping to work on some simple projects with him at home. You’ve got impressive girls!


    1. Thanks! I am slowly but surely learning to be a better seamstress so that I can teach them. It’s not my favorite thing but I always love being able to say I made it myself :)


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