The Janitors {Review}

I was not homeschooled as a child.  I was the product of a public school education.  At the beginning of every year I would be filled with ambition and excitement.  I would learn great things and THIS year, I would bring home A’s instead of B’s and C’s.  Within a few short days of being within those brick walls my ambition was replaced with apathy and excitement with dread.  This happened every single year… and again in college.  Now I know not every public schooled student felt like this (my husband being one), but it’s a prevalent enough condition to serve as the inspiration for an awesome book series :)


Janitors by Tyler Whitesides is a story about Spencer, the new kid in town who is finding his new school to be a little bit more difficult to get used to than he was expecting.  If the bullies and boring classes weren’t enough, the infestation of strange creatures makes it almost impossible for Spencer to feel at ease.  When he and Daisy, the gullible girl at the butt of everyone’s jokes, discover what the creatures are they are determined to stop them.  But who can help?  Are the governmental agents from the BEM (Bureau of Educational Management) the ones they should trust or is it Marv and John; the gruff and suspicious school janitors?  One thing is for sure, if Spencer and Daisy can’t help rid the school of the invisible parasites, the rest of the students will never be able to recover.

Janitors promises to be a very entertaining series.  I have to admit that the premise is very interesting.  The idea that invisible monsters are devouring the brain waves of the children in the school is pretty good.  After all, SOMETHING is killing our children’s love of learning for real, it’s really nice for a book to bring that fact to light (even if these monsters aren’t truly sucking away our curiosity and drive).  Spencer and Daisy are an interesting pair.  Spencer comes from a broken home and has a deep rooted anger just simmering under the surface.  Daisy, on the other hand, comes from a very loving home and is very trusting (perhaps too trusting) of everyone she meets.  The two of them use their complementary strengths to help each other through the difficulties of their situation.  Along the way they learn that sometimes wolves really do hide in sheep’s clothing, that in most situations there is far more than meets the eye, and that they are made of much stronger stuff than they think they are.

Stay tuned for the review of book 2!  And for a limited time (August) only you can get the Kindle version of Janitors for FREE on!  There really is NO reason not to try it!  Next month the price goes up to a whopping 99 cents ;)



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cari says:

    Sweet, can’t beat the price! I’m sure my oldest will enjoy reading it!


  2. Anne says:

    Thanks! I got it without a hitch. :) My kids and I look forward to giving it a try.


  3. Beth says:

    Hello! I found your blog through an LDS homeschool sight. We just moved to Mt. Holly. I am also beginning my first year of homeschool with my first grader and four year old. We are also Air Force. I am hoping you are still in New Jersey and that you might be willing to help me not only with homeschooling but with making friends. We went to our ward for the first time today and there were no girls my daughter’s age. I am so excited about homeschooling but concerned about friends. I would sincerely appreciate any help you could give me. We need friends! Thanks so much! Beth Bernards


    1. Hey Beth, thanks for commenting! Congrats on your homeschooling decision, best thing that ever happened to our family :) Email me and I can tell you what I know about NJ homeschooling (though admittedly it’s not much). Ordinaryhappily (at) gmail (dot) com


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