Written On Our Hearts {Review}

The Old Testament is one of those scriptures that I love to read… but I also find it very difficult.  It’s so long, and there is so much symbolism that find it rather arduous to get all the way through.  I must admit that I am far more interested in the history of the Old Testament than I am in the symbolism.


In Written On Our Hearts, Emily Freeman shares with us why she loves the Old Testament so much.  She writes about the simple stories found in the Old Testament and the lessons she has learned from them.  She says, “There will come a moment in your life when you or someone you love will struggle with a challenge so great you will wonder how you will make it through. In that moment you will long to better understand the Savior’s role as the Deliverer, and to do that you must go to the book of scripture that describes that role the best—the Old Testament.”  Starting with Abraham, Emily goes through most of the books in the Old Testament chronologically and shares a story that has special meaning to her and why.  Within just a few pages she was able to inspire in me a desire to truly study the Old Testament for more than just it’s history (though I will always love the history).

Written On Our Hearts is a book filled with thought provoking insight in to the Gospel and the character of Jesus Christ.  More than once I found myself pondering her thoughts and was able to find comfort in the new understanding her lessons gave me.  Emily does a wonderful job of giving the old stories a fresh perspective.  While this is not “light reading”, the short chapters allow us to spend just a little time here and there with the Savior.  I can honestly tell you that as I was reading them I received promptings that helped me know of the love that my Heavenly Father has for me.  My trials are not only my own and I have much to learn.  I don’t always like the way the lessons are presented (in fact, they are often very painful), but I don’t imagine the Lord would allow me to experience some of these tribulations without knowing that I would be a stronger woman and more like Him after working through them.  Written On Our Hearts is excellent bedtime reading for those who need something uplifting to help them wind down from a long day and would make a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to get to know the Old Testament a little better.




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