Porcelain Keys {Review}


I thought this was a beautiful story about true love.  Aria is an incredibly talented young woman who must hide her love of music from her temperamental father.  Thomas, the new guy in town, finds her one morning after she fled from her father’s wrath and the two of them become friends.  Over the course of their senior year of high school, the two realize their friendship has grown into something more.  Thomas stops at nothing to protect Aria, help her heal her broken heart, and achieve her dream of attending Juilliard.  But Thomas is dealing with his own inner demons and when tragedy strikes he is torn from her life.  All of a sudden Aria’s dream of a musical future with him are gone.  Aria struggles to rebuild her life and plans without him.  Once I started reading Porcelain Keys I couldn’t put it down.  Aria’s passion and pain are tangible.

I expect wonderful things from Sarah Beard.  This was a delightful story about true love and how it changes you.  She has managed to write an engaging, passionate, teen romance that is entirely chaste.  It also deals with some very important issues such as abuse, depression, and loss of loved ones.  This book, while containing a captivating storyline, did not at all constitute itself as “fluff” in my opinion.  As I read it I could feel my mounting excitement to tell you all about it :)




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m always looking for good books to add to my list.


  2. katharine says:

    thanks for the review — the reading of “fluff” has become a topic of discussion lately in our house — it would be nice to offer an alternative.


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