Alice Mae – The Nitty Gritty

After two c-sections I was thrilled to find an OB who was willing to let me go for a VBAC.  But even the best laid plans don’t happen the way we would have liked.  In order to have a VBAC you have to go into labor naturally… and Alice wasn’t having any of it.  So when my scheduled c-section date rolled around and I still hadn’t gone into labor (even after all of my best efforts), Matt and I resigned ourselves to a long and painful recovery.

My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 AM, so Matt and I woke up at dark o’clock so I could be at the hospital in time.  Since we were running late, Matt dropped me off at the hospital and then took the kids to the sitter (thank you again Nicole!).  I went in where they hooked me up and gave me fluids.

I had originally really wanted to hire a birth photographer, but our finances wouldn’t quite stretch that far.  Instead I bought a lens that I had been eyeing and gave Matt a crash course in photography.




At some point after Matt showed up we walked over to the OR where they hooked me up to so many gadgets and wires I felt like I was becoming a Borg.  Then they gave me serious shot in my back (my spinal).  While they were hooking me up I programed the appropriate exposure settings into the camera so all he had to do was focus and shoot.  All the while Matt took pictures and talked to the doctors about medical stuff that was slightly over my head.


I love my OB’s.  When it comes time to have my biannual baby I will definitely be going back to them (which would be the first time I ever used the same OB twice).


Slowly losing control and feeling over your lower half is an unnerving experience.  Ultimately it’s a good thing, because seriously, who WANTS to feel that scalpel?  After a while I hear one of the doctors say, “Ok Dad, get your camera ready!”


After our traumatic experience with Jack’s birth, hearing my babies cry when they are born is always such an emotional experience for me.  It’s at that point that I can finally breathe with relief that my baby is okay.  And it has been over a decade since I had heard a little baby girl cry.


Among other things, one of the things I dislike about c-sections is how long it takes for me to get to hold my baby.  Home births ROCK as far as that is concerned (having never had a hospital vaginal birth, I can’t tell you about that).


But after a while they did finally hand my sweet Alice to me.


After not nearly long enough they took her away and Matt followed her to the nursery where they did all of the weighing and measuring, etc.




I met up with my sweetheart and sweet baby in the recovery room where they had to monitor me for a few hours.


After a few hours (longer than I would have liked because they were waiting on rooms) they took me to my permanent room.  One bonus for having a c-section… private rooms!  I spent the rest of the day holding my baby and scratching my itchy face (side effect some of the medication).   Matt brought the kids in to meet their sister but because I was still in bed I didn’t get to take pictures until they came in the next day.

Which I will tell you about next time :)


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    Congratulations to all! I must have missed the post about Alice being a girl… I had it in my head you had another boy on the way. Maybe you never announced anything and I’m making stuff up. Entirely possible! lol! I love her name.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your birth experience! What a sweet little blessing you have :)


  3. Tristan says:

    So glad you shared! She is precious and I can hear the love in your post. What a cutie!


  4. Mom says:

    What wonderful pictures. He did a great job. And so did you. She’s adorable.


  5. Sanz says:

    Congratulations (again!) The pictures turned out great! He did a wonderful job. I think a birth photographer would be incredible. I’ve told my husband if there’s another baby for us then I definitely want to do that. So, I have a question…are you saying that you don’t get a private room if you have a vaginal delivery? My introverted brain is reeling over that one! I can’t imagine how miserable having to share a room would be! (Okay, maybe that seems dramatic) but I think any introvert would agree with me here! Torture I tell ya! :) I wish you a speedy recovery!


    1. I’m pretty sure they try and get everyone a private room, but they can’t garantee it. Csection patients get first priority since there is so much more involved in the recovery process.


  6. Kendra says:

    Thanks for sharing and your pictures were awesome! Seeing them made me want ten more babies! I love having babies, just not the whole raising 10 more :) Congrats on such a sweet little girl. I’m with Sanz though, No private rooms for a vaginal delivery? That would be weird to share. Glad you got one!!


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