Alice is a fussy baby.  She’s not colicky… just fussy.  She likes to eat and doesn’t like to not eat.  She will not take a binkie (the first of my kids who won’t take one) and isn’t too thrilled with her swing (though she can be convinced on occasion).

Fortunately I have a house full of willing and helpful arms.

Emma especially loves to help out.  Now that she is nine she is old enough to be trusted to care for her baby sister in a growing number of instances.  Her favorite job is putting Alice to sleep.  After giving her a clean diaper, a very full belly, and a good swaddle, I will hand Alice off to her big sister.  I can then move on to other things (like making dinner or going to the bathroom) while Emma walks around in circles, singing songs to her sister.





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  1. Wendy says:

    Oh that’s so sweet. That’s quite a bond they’re developing :-)


  2. Terri says:

    My grandson was that way, the doctor called him a “snacker”, he actually wasn’t getting satisfied when he ate, so a tiny bit of cereal in the bottle with a little bigger nipple flow solved the problem (I know the “nodays” doctor’s say no to this), My daughter’s doctor did not have a problem with it because it worked and did not cause any issues, I did this with my daughter 33 yrs ago. My grandson for some reason also hated to be swaddled! He wanted to be free (he hated his swing too) and he would only and I mean only sleep on his stomach, if you put him on his back you might as well get ready for a fit. Also sometimes (most times) the only comfy place for him (and everybody else) was my husbands chest, not sure if it was his strong heartbeat or snuggling into his warmth (he’s like a big ol bear) but when nothing else worked, they called us (1 mile away) and papa’s chest did the job! Anywho, Landon is now 6 years old, healthy and handsome and awaiting the arrival of his little brother any day now.


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