Fairy Tale Christmas {Review}

What do you get when you combine five fairy tale villains hungry for revenge, a group of selfless heroes, and an unprecedented Christmas Eve?  Fairy Tale Christmas, what’s what :)


Not only was this a super cute story, but (like all books that I love) was filled with meaning and truth.  Santa has decided to deviate from the traditional naughty/nice Christmas protocol and give presents to every child.

What if, in addition to rewarding children for being good, we try investing in children who have the potential for being good but who need someone to believe that they can be good?  What if the one toy we bring them encourages that goodness come out in the open?…And what if this little act of faith and love inspires kids to be as good as they never knew they could be?

As I was reading I thought of Les Miserables.  I’ve been working my way through it since August and there is one chapter that has stuck with me.  In it we see a vision of a man drowning, bobbing up and down, begging for help and no one is willing to even pay attention to him. A once active part of the crew is now ignored and shunned because of one mistake.  While reading I couldn’t help but think of little children who are pegged by society as trouble makers because they can’t or don’t toe the ever narrowing line.  Society has created an impossible standard for how our children should behave and it’s the kids who are blamed, not the “standard” itself.

We expect to find those kinds of insights into human nature in classics like Les Miserables, yet we fail to see them when they are found in children’s tales (or worse, completely dismiss it because they are in modern “silly” stories).  Les Miserables tells us about a sad state of humanity… Fairy Tale Christmas tells us how to make it a little less dreary.

This is a wonderful story to read the week before Christmas to teach your fantasy loving children about service, selflessness, and happy endings.



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