Lucy's Letter

Several weeks ago (at the hight of the ebola news cycle), Lucy would linger around when she heard me talking about it and asking Matt questions about what was going on at his hospital.  Over the course of a few days she would ask me questions about it and ask me how to spell things related to ebola.  A few days later, I found a newspaper article on ebola, scribbled in my daughter’s hand.  I suggested that she type it up.  She was thrilled at the chance to work on the computer.  After making sure the internet was disabled I let her play!

She has been writing news stories on little scraps of paper for years and now she wants to organize it and type it up for posterity :)  Since writing newspaper articles is far more exciting than writing essays, I’m all for it!  Thank you Microsoft Word newsletter templates!  She may get sick of it after a while, but I find this to be a great way record some of what she is learning.  Next time I hope she will include some of her creative writing… her imagery is extremely compelling for a twelve year old.

I contributed a minuscule article and Emma helped with the comics, but the rest is all Lucy.  She’ll need a fact checker in the future, but even with some discrepancies in the narrative of the African nursing student, she likely knows more about Ebola than most people (does anyone have an edited copy of Outbreak we can watch?).


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