Math Wednesday

We had another great math lesson today that I thought I’d share my short and sweet lesson plan with you.

We continued on with our chapter on Archimedes in Mathematicians are People, Too.

After reading of his discovery of volume displacement and then the discovery of Pi we watched Danica Mckellar’s nerdist Pi Episode (I could have done without the 15 second video game advertisement though).

After the video (which the kids loved) I read Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi.

Then we talked more about irrational numbers and I mentioned that because of the nature of the beast, either the circumference or the diameter is a rational number, but not both.  They didn’t believe me (“you can measure them!”), well, yes and no.  So I got out my compass and showed them with the equasion c=pi times d.

The best part is that Matt was driving home and on the phone with me at the time (he was on call the night before so got to come home a little early) and no matter what numbers we were using he was able to give me a fairly accurate estimation of the answer :)


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  1. Alisa Raty says:

    Cool! I love that you have math story books! That is so fun! I wish I’d had those when I learned math as a kid.


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